“The future is fluid. Each act, each decision and each development creates new possibilities and eliminates others. The future is ours to direct. ” – Jacque Fresco


Tuition assistance and training are line items that are almost always separate in organizational budgets. Fluid Education is working with organizations to show them how employees who participate in tuition assistance programs are typically more engaged, more appreciative and more productive in their organization. By working with Fluid education, an organization’s training investments can now be leveraged to provide academic credit at our partner institutions.

Public facing organizations are finding their consumers become more loyal to their brands when they know they are significantly investing in
the education and development of their employees. Fluid Education works with organizations to show them the value of partnering with

universities. We create, implement and manage these partnerships on behalf of our partner to provide value to the organization, the employees and the people they serve.

Organizations spend more than $22 billion per year on tuition assistance programs. Additionally, in 2022 organizations spent $87 billion on training expenditures.


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