“The future is fluid. Each act, each decision and each development creates new possibilities and eliminates others. The future is ours to direct. ” – Jacque Fresco


Universities that offer online programs have the ability to extend their brand and their reach across the country and around the world.

Fluid Education works with universities to help them develop and implement the strategies necessary to create and grow quality online education programming that is affordable and sustainable. The partnership development services offered by Fluid allowour university clients to partner with strategic organizations to give them an industry partner that will ensure the training and degree programs are aligned with the ever-changing needs of the marketplace.

The partnerships we develop for our university clients create recruiting channels that our universities clients to motivated, engaged learners that often have access to funding through their organization’s tuition assistance programs. Additionally, these partnerships create pathways for mentorships, internships, student placement, grants, sponsored research, athletic sponsorships, recruiting and so much more.


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